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News Summary, September 19 2011

Mozambique ends 10th All-Africa Games “at its best"
Mozambique’s Head of State, Armando Guebuza, said at the closing ceremony forthe 10th All-Africa Games on Sunday that "when interaction is so intense and when friendship requires more time to develop,we start to miss each other before we have even left and we begin to hope to meet again."
Speaking before 45,000 spectators who packed the Zimpeto stadium, where the opening ceremony also took place, he gave thanks to those who trusted Mozambique to host the event with less than two years’ preparation due to Zambia’s cancellation.
Mozambique has managed to amass a total of 12 medals in this edition of the games, lying in 24th position in the tables. ( anmviewer.asp? a = 10313 & z = 100).

Unions for peace and against violence
On Saturday, unions affiliated to the Organização dos Trabalhadores de Moçambique-Central Sindical (OTM-CS) marched in protest against war-mongering speeches and incitement to violence, which go against the Mozambican people’s will to live in peace.
Under the motto "We Are For Peace, Loving One Another, For Life, Decent Work and Social Justice", the various union members marched from the Praça dos Trabalhadores through several streets towards the Praça da Paz.
According to the Secretary-General of the OTM-CS, Alexandre Munguambe, with the signing of the Rome General Peace Accords that ended 16 years of destability in October 1992, Mozambican society felt great relief and joy.
Midterm elections: Prevention of fraud is not solely responsibility of the National Elections Commission
The President of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), Joao Leopoldo da Costa, urged all those involved in the Mozambican political process and  civil society to do their utmost to prevent fraud in the December 7th midterm elections in the municipalities if Pemba, in Cabo Delgado, Cuamba, in Niassa, and Quelimane, in Zambézia.
This position was defended last week in Maputo, in a news conference to various media, outside the meeting of the electoral body and the political parties aiming to provide information about the registration procedures and proposals for the interim.

Dhlakama’s security prevents protesters from reaching his home
Hundreds of demonstrators called by the Islamic Council of Mozambique and Christian tried unsuccessfully on Saturday to deliver a message in favor of peace Dhlakama, President of RENAMO, at his home in Nampula, northern Mozambique.
The protesters were prevented from walking in the Rua das Flores by bodyguards of Dhlakama, leader of the largest opposition party in Mozambique, while trying to deliver a message "to deter" Dhlakama's "bellicose speech" and to enlist old RENAMO soldiers.

President of the Republic in New York
From tomorrow until Friday, the President of the Republic, Armando Guebuza, will take part in the 2011 meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York.
Scheduled for this session of the United Nations are, among other things, four high-level meetings that will address issues such as non-communicable diseases, desertification, nuclear safety and combating racism in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Durban Action Plan. (http://www.jornalnoticias
Government of Mozambique to zone land for agriculture
According to Vice Minister of AgricultureAnthony Limbau, an agricultural zoning program which aims to accurately identify areas with agricultural potential, allowing better planning of land use, is to be carried out in Mozambique.
The program is being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and should be completed in 2012 with the aim of locating and quantifying arable land for sustainable use, leading to increased levels of production and productivity.  (

China turns spotlight on emerging nations
According to the President of the Executive Board for Mozabanco, Inaete Merali, the fact that China has overcome the international economic and financial crisis - and the resulting profound changes in the country’s economic and financial structure  - means that global cooperation with emerging economies has now become a focus point.
Merali, who joined the delegation of the recent presidential entourage to China, describes the details of this cooperation, although he is a senior manager of an enterprise joint-owned by Banco Espirito Santo ( 25 percent), Geocapitais (24 percent), Mozambique Capital (51 percent). (

Police of the Republic of Mozambique violates Human Rights
According to the report of the Mozambican Human Rights League released last Friday in Maputo, the Mozambican police continues to commit serious violations of human rights.
Mostly, they are violations against asylum seekers and refugees of different nationalities who are held each day as they try to enter the country illegally in order to fleepolitical and social crises in their countries of origin, in particular Somalis and Ethiopians who are considered to be the largest refugee groups in Mozambique. (

Sale of land at cemetery dividing the population and local authorities
Controversy has developed in the city of Chimoio around the sale of part of the 7 de Setembro district’s cemetery grounds. TLocal municipal authorities decided to sell part of the cemetery grounds for the construction of stalls and shops, but the measure is opposed by people who consider the space a sacred place where the remains of their ancestors lie.
Francisco Muchine, community leader for 7 de Setembro, is the main figure accused by the population. They accuse him of having sold land to the cemetery for foreign citizens who wish to open shops in the area. (

Three members of same family die of poisoning
A man of 32, Dino Naissone, of Nhassacara, Barue district, Manica province, is accused of having poisoned nine members of the same family, three of whom lost their lives. The remaining six are in hospital.
According to the spokesman for the provincial command of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique in Manica, Belmiro Mutandiua, Naissone used poisoned biscuits to poison the family. At this point, Naissone’s motives are unknown, but he is being held in police custody. (

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