Thursday, 8 July 2010

The UN Process

Thursday 23 September 2010
09.30 Session One

Can the Copenhagen Accord become a full legal treaty in 2010?
On key issues, what will be progress in 2010 from the Copenhagen Accord to the UN talks in Mexico COP16?
o Assessing the emissions reduction pledges - are they enough?
o Fast track finance - sources of finance, targets
o Technology diffusion
o The impact on investments in the energy sector
Will multilateral agreement on climate action happen? What will the political groupings be and what will parties ask for?
What can be done to facilitate the UN process? Should the talks be 'multi-track'?
Is more transparency needed on the process by which science feeds into policy in order to gain public and political trust?
Session Two
Political Leadership and Practical Action
What are the complementary and supporting routes to agreement on climate action? The EU presidency? The G20? Bilateral agreements between major players?
Can and will sub-national, national and regional agreements reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
Are there any 'quick-win' multipliers for climate action?
If prospects for international agreement look uncertain, can business lead on climate action?
How significant can sectoral action on climate change be?

Day Two Friday 24 September
Session Three
Finance and Investment
This session will examine some new developments in international and national policies for public funding of climate adaptation, mitigation, and forests, and for stimulating private finance and investment.

Given existing fiscal constraints, what kind of long term funding of adaptation, mitigation, and forests is possible?
What institutions could manage funding?
Will cap-and-trade cease to be the proposed international solution to managing emissions? If a cap-and-trade bill is not passed in the USA, what will replace it?
What is the current global scale of investment in sustainable energy? In emerging markets?

Investment and 'investment grade' policy

Investors have been reinforcing the need for 'investment grade' policy at national level. What actions on both policy and public finance will create the best conditions to stimulate investment? What are the innovative mechanisms to deliver finance?
High level moderated private investor panel discussion
Lunch and end of the conference
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