Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Kiwis get first ever WC point, celebrate with shirtless abandon

By Brooks Peck

New Zealand defender Winston Reid earned his first international goal and his country's first ever World Cup point with a ferocious header in front of the goal during added time against Slovakia on Tuesday. The 1-1 draw shocked the Slovaks, who seemed certain they had three points in their clutches.

The New Zealanders, meanwhile, celebrated by ripping off their shirts -- a move that earned Reid a dangerous yellow card with two matches left to play in the group stage -- and generally going bonkers, as tends to happen upon scoring such a big goal. In the country's only other World Cup appearance back in 1982, they lost all three of their matches and scored just two goals while allowing 12. So this point was something special for them -- something that a yellow card for celebrating without a shirt won't even begin to dampen. As you can see here...

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