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Angolan Prosecutor speaks of the Constitution of his country

"Constitution of Angola: Brief Historical References" is the theme of a speech being delivered today at the amphitheater of the Faculty of Medicine, of the Eduardo Mondlane University, by the Attorney General of the Republic of Angola, José Maria Moreira de Sousa. The event is for the forensic community and is framed in a working visit that the prosecutor is making to our country at the invitation of his Mozambican counterpart, Augusto Paulino. Since independence on 11th November 1975, Angola has transitional periods, with occasional revisions of the Basic Law. Currently, a process for the approval of its first constitution is ongoing. It aims to enable the normal functioning of democratic institutions. Yesterday, the Attorney General of Angola was received by the President of the Administrative Court, Machatine Munguambe.

Mandra denies plan to kidnap Dhlakama

Deputy Minister of Interior, Jose Mandra classified as an "unfounded rumor" the information recently advanced by RENAMO, under which the Police of the Republic of Mozambique in coordination with FRELIMO, intended to kidnap its leader, Afonso Dhlakama. The kidnapping should be done if that leader implemented his plan to carry out demonstrations in protest of irregularities in the elections of 28 October.

O Pais. 1st December, 2009

RENAMO says that Mandra is wrong

The spokesman of RENAMO, Fernando Mazanga accuses Deputy Minister of Interior, Jose Mandra of manipulating information by saying that RENAMO demonstrations were suppressed because it would create instability in the country. He said that the right to demonstrate is protected by the Constitution. According to him, there is no need to move staff of security, or to use force to boycott the event. Mazanga added that Mandra is wrong when he makes manipulative speeches.

O Pais. 1st December, 2009

Member of Parliament of RENAMO arrested in South Africa

Member of Parliament of RENAMO for the constituency of Zambezia, Celestina Ana de Sousa Meneses, was under house arrest, in a prison linked to the Medi Clinic in Nelspruit, South Africa. This occurred because the MP, who was hospitalized in clinic for about three weeks to care, did not make payments, amounting to 109,992.19. ZAR. At present, the Mozambican government has paid off the debt.

Magazine Independente. 2nd December, 2009.

Corruption and abuse of power shake the Governor's Office in Inhambane

Officials from the Office of the Governor of Inhambane accused the head of that office, Vicente Pombo, of corruption and abuse of power for seizing the subsistence of its colleagues. According to the officials, the Governor, Itai Meque, knows about the situation which raised public outrage about this, which is regarded as being to protect the shenanigans of Pombo. Due to the value diverted, Pombo has many cars and properties in Maputo.

Magazine Independente. 2nd December, 2009.


Prevention of AIDS in Mozambique is still our big challenge - says Guebuza
Mozambique needs to increase the use of mechanisms for prevention and voluntary testing as a chance to reduce the prevalence of HIV / AIDS within the population. This position was defended yesterday by the Head of State, Armando Emilio Guebuza, during the central ceremonies of the 1st December, World Day to Combat AIDS. According to the Head of State, 15% of prevalence is an encouraging indication, given the effort that is being done to combat the pandemic.

Http:// contentx/927465).

Inkomati River to register rising levels

The Inkomati River can register since today, rising levels of water, due to the rains registered since Monday. In view of this situation, the Regional Water Administration of South (ARA-Sul) calls for taking precautionary measures, avoiding the crossing of the river and to stay away from the lower areas of the basin Inkomati as well as to withdraw goods and equipment.

Mozambique exported less sugar than the planned

According to the Center for the Promotion of Agriculture (CEPAGRI), low levels of sugar production indicate that this year will be exported only about 126 thousand tons of the product, compared to the 200 thousand planned. It means that the country will raise about 59.8 million U.S. dollars a reduction of 7% in the volume of exports and 9% in revenue, compared to last year.


Tax Authority will facilitate the settlement of cars in illegal situation

The Tax Authority of Mozambique (ATM) launches from the next Monday (7 December) one program to facilitate the settlement of vehicles that are circulating illegally around the country. This is an operation in coordination with the Criminal Investigation Police (PIC), International Police (Interpol) and the ITS.


Disadvantaged children receive support from the Government and partners

The Government of Inhambane is supporting more than 25 thousand disadvantaged children from all districts of the province. The support consists of medical kits, food distribution and school supplies. Most of the children who benefit from this donation are orphans, whose parents were victims of HIV / AIDS. The Director of Social Action of Inhambane, Pedro Ingles, believes that these actions will reduce the rate of begging in the province.

O Pais. 2nd December, 2009


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