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Opposition call for unity

Faced with defeat in the general elections of 28 October, a group of opposition political parties proposed a "marriage" of opposition political parties aiming to save the country from returning to one-party system. The group, led by Francisco Campira of Social Broadening Party of Mozambique (PASOMO) invites especially RENAMO, as the main opposition political party, and the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM) to accede to the proposal in the spirit of that unity.

RENAMO wants to mutiny against the National Electoral Commission

The political delegate of RENAMO in Sofala, Fernando Mbararano, said yesterday that his party will resort to peaceful demonstrations to demand that the courts of law invalidate the election results.

Mbararano proved to be saddened with the president of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), Leopoldo da Costa, for saying in his speech of the day of publication of the results, that his institution had not received any complaints from political parties with respect to the electoral process of this year. He considered it "a gross lie, scheduled to try to give credit to the fraudulent results of these elections."

Renamo evaluates election results

The Political Committee of Renamo is since yesterday meeting in Nampula city, considered the current political headquarters of this opposition party, to discuss its future, taking as its starting point the results of general elections of last October 28, which gave victory to Frelimo and its candidate, Armando Guebuza.

Speaking at the time of opening of the meeting, Dhlakama, President of Renamo, said that over the two days allotted for this session the members of that body have a responsibility to discuss and reach a conclusion: if Renamo will be able to survive as a political force of this country or whether democracy will survive or end with the elections of 28 October, as Frelimo and its leader want.
Notícias, 20th November, 2009

Mission of the European Union gives a positive balance of the electoral process
With two days to finish the mission in Mozambique, the deputy head of EU observers, Rafael Pouye, makes a positive assessment of the work of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE). Rafael Pouye reemphasized that the irregularities in the process of counting votes generally benefited the ruling party but were not decisive in deciding the final outcome of the elections. Pouye announced this Thursday that UE mission will conclude its work on Saturday 21st November.


Mozambique withdrew from the project of navigation in Shire and Zambezi
Mozambique has decided to withdraw from the project for navigation in the Shire and Zambezi rivers, linking Nsanje in Malawi to the port of Chinde in Zambezia, a distance of two hundred and fifty miles. This is a project that was proposed by the Government of Malawi aimed at creating a channel for navigation to the coast of Mozambique. The withdrawal of Mozambique is due to the failure to meet deadlines by the Zimbabwean consortium contracted to carry out environmental impact studies, establishing the second memorandum of understanding signed this year with Malawi and Zambia.

Mozambique needs to invest 1.7 billion USD for infrastructure

The Mozambican Government needs to invest annually in infrastructure and for a decade, about 1.7 billion U.S. dollars, to reach the level of other developing countries. Currently, our country invests about 700 million dollars annually. It should be noted that Mozambique has an annual deficit of 771 million dollars for infrastructure in the energy sector, 403 million in the transport sector, 331 million in the water and sanitation sector, 156 million for information technology and communication sector, and 61 million for the sector of irrigation.

Cabo Delgado did not reach targets of agricultural marketing

The province of Cabo Delgado sold until this month only 124,401 tons of various commodities, against 270,461 tons planned. But authorities expect the festive season ahead will boost agricultural marketing. On the other hand, the level of agricultural marketing increased in 14%, compared to the same period of last year (only 109,363 tons were sold).

Railway companies of the region meet today in Maputo

Maputo City is now hosting the 29th meeting of Directors of the Association of Railways of the region (SARA - Southern African Rallways Association). This is a regional organization established under the regional integration. The meeting will serve as a platform for the chairpersons of the boards of the railways institutions of SADC and members of SARA reflect on operational, commercial, technological, security and administrative and financial procedures.


Brazil and Mozambique now have an extradition agreement

A draft of law approving extradition agreement between Brazil and Mozambique was approved on Wednesday (18) by the Senate and will be submitted to the promulgation. With 32 articles, the agreement provides that people convicted of the justice and refugees in the territories of two countries should be given to the related authorities.

The total penalty to be enforced in the requesting country cannot be less than one year and must meet the principles and requirements specified, including the dual typicality (the crime must be provided in the laws of two countries).

"Airport case" - Cambaza belies Munguambe

Former Chairman of the Board of Mozambique Airport (ADM), Diodino Cambaza, denied yesterday, the pronouncements of the former Minister of Transport and Communications and co-defendant in the case, Antonio Munguambe, according to which the application for scholarships for their children to study in South Africa, was made in writing by his wife. According to Diodino Cambaza, António Munguambe made the request orally, from a telephone call through which asked the 33 thousand dollars to cover his children's studies.


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