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News Summary. 27th October, 2009.


There are logistic conditions for the voting process - ensures STAE

According to the head of the Press Office of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE), Lucas Jose, conditions were assured for the voting process to take place tomorrow. Since last Sunday STAE is sending voting materials to the polling stations, giving priority to the areas of difficult access, in each of the 128 districts. This operation should be completed today with the arrival of ballot papers, indelible ink and other items needed for the elections. As regards the disposal of these materials, STAE has the support of seven helicopters, four of which are available to the northern region, and three to support the process of placing the ballot in the center region of the country. (http://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/pls/notimz2/getxml/pt/contentx/907707)

Japan supports the education sector

The Ministry of Education (ME) and the Government of Japan have signed an agreement to assist the education sector, estimated at 10 million U.S. dollars. According to a news release sent to our Editor, the funding falls within the context of the development of education in Mozambique sponsored by the Japanese Government, a project called "Building Schools" which has as its main objective to alleviate the situation of scarcity of secondary schools in the country, with a focus on the provinces of Gaza and Maputo. As result of this support, four secondary schools will be built: in Manjakaze and Chissano in Gaza Province, and Nkobe and Khongolote in Maputo Province. The ceremony, to be held at the building of the ME, will be attended by the Minister of Education, Aires Ali, and the Ambassador of Japan in Mozambique, Susumu Segawa. (http://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/pls/notimz2/getxml/pt/contentx/907711)

Electoral process - MISA praises role of media

The National Governance (CNG) of MISA-Mozambique, yesterday congratulated all the media in the country, for work done for the purpose of keeping the society duly and timely informed of all events and achievements relevant to the election. A statement from MISA-Mozambique, received by AIM, at the end of the election campaign, the national media, guided by criteria of independence, impartiality and accuracy, and through various means of transmission, including radio and television broadcasting and the press played a role it deserves, and has contributed not only to the timely dissemination of news about the course of the campaign, but also for the civic education of the electorate. The statement adds that thanks to the media and all stakeholders in the electoral process, the campaign for the presidential, parliamentary and members of provincial assemblies was held in a climate of peace, freedom and celebration. (http://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/pls/notimz2/getxml/pt/contentx/907710)


Government looking for measures to lift restrictions on the movement of fruit in the country

According Serefina Mangane, head of the Department of Plant Protection, the Ministry of Health is investigating a series of measures that would enable the lifting of internal restrictions on the marketing of fruit and vegetables produced in the center to be sold in the south. It should be remembered that following the occurrence of the fruit fly, Bactrocera invadens, in the center and north, a plan of restrictions on movement and access to the national and international markets is prevailing in the country. (http://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/pls/notimz2/getxml/pt/contentx/907734)

Ireland will support the improvement of business environment in Mozambique

The Government of Ireland will provide 1.1 million Euros over three years to improve the business environment in Mozambique. For this purpose, the Ambassador of Ireland, Frank Sheridan, and the Mozambican Minister of Industry and Trade, Antonio Fernando, signed on Monday in Maputo, a memorandum of understanding for the project to support the competitiveness and development of the private sector. The values will be disbursed in three annual installments. The first amount of 150 thousand Euros will be available later this year. These values will be used to fund reforms in business licensing, through its modernization using an electronic system and also to professionalize the Single Service desks (BAU's) as well as all the associated services. (RM Jornal. Radio Moçambique. 26th October, 2009).

There will be more food in this campaign in Tete

According to the head of Bureau of Agriculture in the province of Tete, Constantino Alexandre Mucapana, the province is planning to produce about 979,910 tons of various crops in one area of 656,613 hectares, in this agricultural campaign. This value will represent an increase of about 15.3 percent in the production achieved in the last campaign. The increase in production areas and the overall production of diverse cultures is due to the population growth and the ongoing introduction of the animal traction, construction and rehabilitation of small irrigation systems, as well as the installation of pumps. (http://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/pls/notimz2/getxml/pt/contentx/907739)

Railway linking Sofala to Nampula

According to Paulo Zucula Minister of Transport and Communications, speaking at last Friday in Nacala, said that the government plans to build a railway to link the province of Nampula to the province of Sofala. The line will run through the province of Zambezia, where it will intercept the line Moatize-Nacala, in the region of Malema. The project of this line has existed since colonial times. The government believes that the line will have a big impact and can boost farming by facilitating the marketing of products. (http://www.canalmoz.com/default.jsp?file=ver_artigo&nivel=1&id=6&idRec=6612)


Mozambican arrested in Zimbabwe for trafficking

A Mozambican was arrested in Zimbabwe in the possession of 1,500 thousand U.S. dollars in cash. The Zimbabwean authorities said that he was trying to leave the country, according to the Zimbabwean authorities. Rachid was arrested at Harare International Airport when he tried to board a flight to Dubai. The money, which the accused claims to have taken from Mozambique, was concealed in their luggage. Under the rules governing exchange control in Zimbabwe, a person may leave the country with 10 thousand dollars in cash at the most. Rachid is expected to appear to the court on 4th November for breaches of exchange control. (http://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/pls/notimz2/getxml/pt/contentx/907712)

Explosive kills three in Inhaminga

The last day of campaigning in Inhaminga, Sofala province was black, following the death of three people, including two teachers, victims of a explosion. These people wanted to extract mercury from the explosive to sell. Although the case did not have connection with the course of the campaign, given that the Town of Inhaminga is small, the incident has stirred up everyone, including politicians and campaign activists of different parties. (http://macua.blogs.com/moambique_para_todos/2009/10/explosivo-mata-três-em-inhaminga.html)

Sentence of Ananias Mathe was postponed to December

The sentence of the Mozambican Ananias Mathe scheduled for yesterday was postponed by the High Court of Gauteng, in Johannesburg, South Africa, for December of this year. The postponement was due to the hospitalization of the psychologist responsible for the investigation of Mathe. It should be noted that Ananias Mathe is being judged by the court allegedly to have committed 64 crimes, including: home burglaries, possession and illegal use of firearms, murder and pedophilia, among other. (O Pais. 27th October, 2009)


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