Friday, 10 July 2009


2nd electoral census for the Diaspora begins today
The second electoral census for the Diaspora begins today. The first took place in 1994. The process will include Mozambican citizens living in nine countries, seven of which are in Africa, with the remainder in Europe. The Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) concluded on Wednesday the training of 300 brigadists who will work in the process, and yesterday completed the distribution of logistic and technical equipment which will support the census, which will last until the 29th of July.

O Pais, 10th July, 2009
Renamo elects candidates for legislative and provincial elections Renamo has held its internal elections to chose candidates to run in the legislative and provincial
elections. The elections took place at meetings in districts and provinces, and culminated with the election of 250 candidates.
O País. 10th July, 2009

Constructivist Bloc: Electoral Manifesto debated this week
The Manifesto of the Constructivist Bloc for the forthcoming elections will be debated in public this week in Maputo. According to the President of the Bloc, Yá-Qub Sibindy, in the first phase the debate will include the contributions of the media, and will later include the country's international partners, academics, the Youth Parliament, civil society and Fórum Mulher.
The period of debate will run until 25th August, at which time all of the contributions will be synthesized. The Manifesto will then be made available to the public.

Frelimo elects candidates in Sofala
During the First Extraordinary Session of its Provincial Committee, the Frelimo Party in Sofala elected yesterday its 19 candidates and 9 stand-by candidates for the legislative elections. The Session was attended by the Frelimo Party Delegate to the Province, Alberto Chipande, who appealed to his colleagues to work for the socio-economic development of the Sofala and the wellbeing of its people.
Ministers meet in Ressano Garcia over unified immigation post ('Paragem Unica')
The Ministers for Public Works and Housing of Mozambique and South Africa will meet this morning in Ressano Garcia to evaluate the state of the process of the implementation of the unified immigration post between the two countries. They will also visit the site of the post to observe progress.


Brazil could invest in aviculture in Mozambique
Brazilians companies are considering investing in the industrial production of chicken in Mozambique, in the scope of a strategy which looks to contribute to the satisfaction of internal demand and facilitate the entry of Mozambican chicken to the regional and international market at competitive prices.
Noticias, 10th July 2009

Executive mobilizes resources for Industrial Park

The Government is continuing to mobilize the financial resources necessary for the implementation of the industrial park in the city of Mocuba, in Zambezia province, the construction of which was pledged during the 2004 general election campaign.
The park would hold small and medium sized agri-processing factories and companies which provide vertically-integrated services within the same industries.

Inhambane: Irrigation systems to combat drought

49 small irrigation systems were installed in the province of Inhambane from 2004 to the present, in a drought mitigation project which aims to respond to the impact of cyclical water scarcity in some parts of the province. During the same period 33 drinking holes were opened for cattle.
The provincial Director or Agriculture, Daniel Pedro Zucule, said during the 5th Session of the Development Observation forum that these actions responded to needs related to the increase in areas cultivated.


'Diana' trial suspended

The trial of Aldina do Santos, known as the 'Diana case', in Pretoria, South Africa, which was restarted on Wednesday, was yesterday suspended until an indefinite date. On Wednesday, the trial was described as 'troubled' as a result of a severe lack of coordination between the parties in the case, related to different dates given to the parties with regard to its restart.

Delfina Dança and Constancio Nguja – Democracy, Governance and Corruption
Saite Junior – Economics and Development
Delfina Dança – Human Rights, Justice and Legal Affairs
Constancio Nguja and Michael Howard – Translation
Celso Gusse – CEMO Executive Director

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