Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Extending the electoral census is out of the question
The President of the National Electoral Commission, Joao Leopoldo da Costa has said it
is, out of the question to extend the updating of the electoral census, which began on the
15th of June and is due to end next Wednesday. According to Joao Leopoldo da Costa,
the number of voters still yet to register - 483 thousand - would not justify this decision,
and that the country has already registered approximately 95 percent of the population
eligible to vote - 10 million voters, since 2007.
Noticias, 22 July 2009
Political parties learn techniques for election campaigns
Representatives from political parties are learning techniques for marketing politicians
and making successful campaigns during the elections and beyond, in a workshop which
will run from today until tomorrow , in Maputo. This initiative is led by the Konrad
Adenauer-Stiftung Fundation in partnership with the Center for Studies on Democracy and
Development (CEDE).
O Pais, 22nd July, 2009.
Performance of FRELIMO guaranteed by choice of parliamentary members – says
Edson Macuaca
According to its Mobilization and Propaganda Secretary, Edson Macuacua, FRELIMO
guarantees they have created the conditions for the quality performance of the Party in the
next Parliament. This performance is guaranteed by the selection of 250 parliamentary
candidates that represent different sectors of national life. ..
Noticias, 22nd July, 2009
Politicians final efforts to formalize candidacies
Political parties are finalising their applications to the National Electoral Commission
(CNE)and Constitutional Council(CC) to run in the presidential, legislative and provincial
elections, for .
Noticias, 22nd July 2009
The National Electoral Commission (CNE) hires six helicopters for elections
The National Electoral Commission (CNE) will hire six helicopters to supervise the general
and provincial assembly elections, Felisberto Naif, General Director of the Technical
Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE), revealed yesterday.
O Pais, 22nd July, 2009
Afonso Dlakama reelected President of Renamo and as a candidate for the
presidential election
Afonso Dlakama was elected president of RENAMO for the next five years and as the
party candidate for the presidential elections in October.
O Pais, 22nd July, 2009
Brazil and Mozambique Sign three agreements for technical-professional areas
Brazil and Mozambique have signed three agreements for cooperation in technical areas,
a days after having reached an agreement of principles with the Brazilian National Bank of
Economic and Social Development for the implementation of a line of credit valued at US$
300m to invest in port and airport infrastructures in order to respond to business interests
related to the exploration and marketing of coal in Moatize.
Noticias, 22nd July, 2009
Domestic Violence Against Women: Republic Assembly approves broader law
The Assembly of the Republic approved yesterday, definitively by acclamation, the Law of
Domestic Violence Against Women. The law has been ammended from that proposed and
now includes article 35, which says that the law applies equally to violence against men.
The law intends to establish legal gender equality and safeguard the family.(
O Pais, 22nd July 2009
Illegal cutting of timber threatens Gilé reserve
More than 2.800 logs of wood, 9 tractors, a Caterpillar machine and a chain saw were
seized last week by surveillance teams working at the Gilé National Reserve in
Zambezia Province. Four mozambicans and a chinese man were arrested by Police in
Naburi accused of complicity in further instances of illegal exploitation of forest resources
in the reserve.
Noticias, 22th July, 2009
Sofala Province: Police who released those illegally detained are put in cells
Two police officers fromthe Mozambican Police Force (PRM), accused of having released
two individuals detained in cells of the 1st Squad, located in the neighborhood of Chaimite
(in Beira), last Tuesday, have became the ones to take their place in the cells. . They will
be prosecuted in criminal proceedings, according to the current Law.
Cnal de Mocambique, 22nd July, 2009
Delfina Dança and Constancio Nguja – Democracy, Governance and Corruption
Saite Junior – Economics and Development
Delfina Dança – Human Rights, Justice and Legal Affairs
Severino de Carvalho and Nicola Whyte – Translation
Celso Gusse – CEMO Executive Director

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