Saturday, 21 June 2014

Mais uma loucura da ala nao pensante na Frelimo!

Government to reduce Beira

In an obvious attempt to curb the influence of Daviz Simango, MDM presidential candidate and popular mayor of Beira, the government says it will reduce Beira to one-third its size, taking away 13 or 18 of the 26 neighbourhoods and placing them under administrators appointed by central government.

Although Mozambique has decentralised power to 53 municipalities, the remaining two-thirds of the country is run by district administrators appointed by central government. Decentralization has expanded under the present government, but in parallel with increasing central control. Cities have "representatives" of the central government and permanent secretaries have been appointed at most levels of government with an explicitly political role.

The plan was given to the mayor Wednesday 11 June by Joe Cuela Antonio, state representative in Beira, and Claudina Mazolo, permanent secretary of Sofala. Mazolo, toldNoticias that the split would definitely take place this year.

Beira is the country's fourth largest city. Based on registration for local elections last year, the largest cities, in order, are 1. Maputo, 2. Matola, 3. Nampula, 4. Beira, 5. Chimoio,
6. Tete, 7. Quelimane, and 8 Nacala. Nampula, Beira and Quelimane have MDM mayors and assembly majorities. The others are governed by Frelimo.

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Anonymous said...

it could be better if the government reduce all the municipalities including Maputo where the municipality is under control of them. just a day ago we hear about Nampula next will be quelimane.