Friday, 8 November 2013

Manuel de Araujo, a libertarian par excellence!!

“Manuel de Araújo |||Credit: youtube channel “/>3. Manuel de Araújo:

Many times when free-market advocates speak to a skeptical crowd
some familiar illustrations and examples are used to demonstrate
the power of markets. One of the most striking and memorable of
these is the photograph of the Korean peninsular at night. Another
comparison that is often used is that of Hong Kong and China. Hong
Kong operates under different economic rules than China, and has
had impressive results. The special administrative regions created
by the Chinese government offer some of the best examples of how
effective markets can be in establishing prosperity.
On Africa’s east coast, in Mozambique, a young mayor might have
something similar in mind. Manuel de Araújo is the mayor of
Quelimane, located on the Indian Ocean, and is a member of the
Mozambique Democratic Movement, Mozambique’s pro-capitalism and
anti-communist party. When he became mayor of Quelimane, de Araújo
was faced with “” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>unenviable fiscal
and a culture of corruption. However, within a short
amount of time de Araújo had managed to double the revenue headed
to the town’s council thanks to a crackdown on corruption. Last
August he worked with the “″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>
Language of Liberty Institute
to organize a three-day seminar
on libertarianism in Quelimane. Let’s hope some of the lessons
rubbed off.
It may be too much to expect that one mayor in Mozambique will
be able to kick-start a classical liberal revolution across a
country ruled by leftists, but it would be a great testament to de
Araújo if he is able to demonstrate the effectiveness of freedom in
a country that has known more than its fair share of big

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