Thursday, 4 August 2011

The "Child Poverty and Disparities in Mozambique 2010" (CPD) report is now available online

The CPD report, which is a joint undertaking by the United Nations, provides an opportunity to take stock of the progress made with regard to children's rights in Mozambique in recent years and to reflect on the challenges that still remain. The report represents the most comprehensive and most recent summary of information and resources on the topic of child poverty and disparities available at the present time. To facilitate access and use of the report by academics, researchers, journalists, donors, government, civil society organizations and the general public, a dedicated web site has been established. This web site features the report in English (ready) and in Portuguese (in progress), with links to all the source documents that are referenced in the text (in progress). We encourage you both to use the web site and to inform others about it who may want to access the information. The dedicated web site is part of a broader effort to make information more accessible and more easily available, primarily through online channels and interactive pdf files, which can be downloaded from the web site in both languages.

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