Thursday, 9 June 2011

Atlas Templeton Freedom Awards

Templeton Freedom Awards for Excellence in Promoting Liberty
The Templeton Freedom Awards is the largest international prize program that celebrates think tank contributions to the understanding of freedom –

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation has launched the Templeton Freedom Awards program in 2003, thanks to a generous funding from the John Templeton Foundation. The late Sir John Templeton once explained his support of Atlas by remarking that there was much philanthropic activity addressing the symptoms of current poverty, but comparatively little devoted to the more cost-effective strategy of preventing future poverty. This is the goal of Atlas and the independent think tanks connected to its network: generating and popularizing ideas that foster peace and prosperity and that reduce poverty and conflict.

The TFA program takes inspiration from two champions of freedom and free enterprise: Atlas founder, Sir Antony Fisher, who envisioned a worldwide network of think tanks advancing the principles of a free society; and Sir John Templeton whose philanthropy reflects the same innovative, pioneering spirit he brought to international investing.

The Templeton Freedom Awards program honors outstanding work by think tanks in eight categories, as described on the How To Apply page.

Each year, Atlas names two winners in each category with $10,000 prizes, and celebrates their accomplishments within its Liberty Forum, which is now held annually in November.

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