Tuesday, 19 April 2011

CEMO´s Briefing

Dear friends,

I have the pleasure of sending to you a brief update on last week´s events.

The Movimento de Estudantes Liberais de Mocambique (MELIMO), a project from the Center for Mozambican and International Studies (CEMO) organised a debate on the `Current economic crises: are subsidies the answer?´. The debate was moderated by Manuel de Araujo, CEMO´s Chairperson and MELIMO´s Patron, and Professor João Mosca as Guest Speaker. Venancio Mondlane, a young intellectual and political commentator was the commentator.

More than 50 people attended the event. Professor Mosca was very pedagogic giving the basic theoretical notions about subsidies and then moving on to question the rationality of subsidies. He contextualised current measures by the government and based on the theoretical underpinnings he presented earlier on he questioned the appropriadness of the measures. Mosca used practical examples based on recent developments in Mozambique to make his point better understood.

The event had a great media coverage. On an unusual development the main public TV station (the state controlled TVM) opened its main News with a piece on the debate!

The main Radio station (State run RM) also covered and Radio Cidade passed live extracts of the debate!

TV RECORD, a brasilian outlet covered the event and interviewed both Professor Mosca and the moderator after the event. Canal de Moçambique, (www.canalmoz.com) also covered the story.

During the event, we launched the Big Question OnLine Essay contest, in which university students are called to answer the question: “How works a just economy?”.

The have a copy of the power point presentation by Prof. Mosca.

The event was sponsored by the SPEED project.

All the best,

Manuel de Araujo

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