Sunday, 24 April 2011


BURKINA FASO: Burkina Faso army mutiny spreads
The army mutiny against President Blaise Compaore, which began last Thursday, has spread to a fourth city. The mutiny started when soldiers and presidential guards in the capital Ouagadougou protested unpaid housing allowances, following a demonstration by tens of thousands of people protesting high food prices. Comment: In an effort to subdue the unrest, Compaore sacked his government on Friday and appointed a new head of the armed forces and Prime Minster. The new military chief has promised to hold talks with the mutinous soldiers. (BBC, Aljazeera, CNN)

NIGERIA: Post-Presidential election riots
Post-election riots broke out Monday in the north of Nigeria after Goodluck Jonathon was declared winner of the presidential polls. The protestors, mainly from Muslim states, claim the vote was rigged in favor of Jonathon, a Christian from the south. According to the Red Cross and a civil rights group, the unrest has left 200 dead, led to hundreds of arrests, and forced 17,000, largely from the north, to flee. Comment: Nigeria is divided between the predominantly Muslim north and Christian south; in an attempt to keep the peace, there is an unwritten agreement within the ruling People's Democratic Party to alternate the presidency between north and south. Jonathon was appointed to the presidency last year upon the death of incumbent Umaru Yar'Adua, a northern Muslim whom he had served as vice-president. International observers have said the election was reasonably free and fair. (BBC, CNN, AFP)

UGANDA: Ugandan opposition leader arrested
Dr. Kizza Besigye, the leader of Uganda's main opposition party, was arrested Monday at a protest against rising living costs. He was charged with inciting violence and causing rioting, and will remain in custody until April 27. Besigye has been arrested twice in the last week and was shot in the hand last Thursday by military forces during another protest. Following his arrest, demonstrators and police clashed in the Kampala suburbs. Comment: Besigye has led three marches over the last 10 days to protest higher food and fuel prices, including a "walk to work" protest on Mondays and Thursdays. Police are using tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, and the government threatened to block social media if protests continue. (BBC, Reuters, VOA)

Researched/Written by Haja Kakay

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