Wednesday, 1 December 2010

SIGN IN CEMO´S News Summary: Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Germany will remain a major donor to Mozambique

Germany will remain a major donor to Mozambique for both in State Budget and other sectors. The German ambassador in Mozambique Klockner Ulrich said this at Gaza Province. He also said that his country annually provides 60 million dollars, of which 20 million is a direct support to the state budget. Germany also supports Mozambique in sectors such as education, decentralization and rural development, through the Agency for Technical Cooperation German (GTZ), and there is still room for support through the German bank KFW. (Http://

Mozambique and Norway prepared according to enlargement of the continental shelf

Mozambique and Norway are preparing an agreement for technical and scientific study on the possibility of extending Mozambican shelf beyond 200 nautical miles. According to the Norwegian ambassador Hans Longva. "The establishment of the outer limits on continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles and an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) will contribute to legal certainty and strengthen the maintenance of international peace and security in Africa". The Norwegian diplomat also stressed that Oslo has already provided some information to other African states that have also expressed willingness to see enlarged its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), such as Sao Tome and Principe, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tanzania and Togo. (Http://

Africa-European Union: Guebuza calls for greater investment in infrastructure

President Armando Guebuza, advocated for higher investments in infrastructure for Africa, this sector is considered as one of the greatest impediments to economic growth on the continent. Guebuza said that programs of financial support for development in African infrastructure should be expanded, taking into account the programs already designed, at the country level, regional economic communities and African Union. As a way to resolve the funding deficit, Guebuza suggests that public-private partnerships should be boosted and Africa promoted as a safe destination for investment. (Http://

PR to visit Nacala-Porto

President Armando Guebuza will immediately Libya, to scale today Nacala-Porto, in Nampula province, where he will make a working visit of two days. As Commander in Chief of the Defence and Security, the President will direct the closing ceremonies of the ongoing training of Special Forces, Air Force Base in Nacala-Porto. During his stay in Nampula he will also carry the inauguration of the new District Hospital of Nacala-Porto. He also listed on the working agenda the graduation of students of the Military Academy Samora Machel and the opening of the first Administrative Court in Nampula. (Http://


Thirty years later: Water System reaches Rapale

A small water supply system will be built, starting next year at Rapale in Nampula Province. The local administrative authorities have disclosed this but did not clarify the amount which is going to be spent through this project. The admistrator said that the is going to be a second assessment which could give clarity to the amount that is going to be spend on the infrastructure. (Http://

Casinos are now the exclusive business of the State

Casinos are now going to fall under state business. However, the exception opens to limited companies with a stake of at least 26 percent of capital on national entrepreneurs, and who are duly registered in the country. The measure was passed yesterday, in a decree by the Council of Ministers, meeting in its 43rd Ordinary Session. This also requires casinos to spend, necessarily, hotels to at least be four stars. Moreover the participation of certain ages and individuals shall be restricted. Such is the case under 18 and members of organs of sovereignty, namely, ministers and their deputies, judges or prosecutors, Members of Parliament elected to committees that directly or indirectly have power over the casinos. (Http://


Aires Ali in the fight against AIDS

The Prime Minister, Aires Ali will today attend an event at in Chokwe at Gaza Province. The ceremony will commemorate World AIDS day, which this year will be under the theme "We reaffirm in the Fight Against HIV / AIDS, Promoting more responsible behaviour." (Http://


16 defendants sentenced to 3 to 21 years in prison

Sixteen defendants were convicted yesterday, Tuesday, to prison terms ranging from 3 to 21 years in prison. The co-defendants in question are part of the 35 that had been tried for state funds corruption of state funds for about 2.5 million Meticais. Of the 35 accused, 17 were acquitted by the 6th Chamber of the Judicial Court of Maputo province, chaired by Judge Maria Oliveira. The court said that the decision was due to the absence of sufficient procedural matters for the sentencing of these defendants. Defendant Mario Tique, who at that time was chief of finance at Directorate of Planning and Finance at Maputo Province, is considered the epicentre of this case, which is why he was given a husher sentence 21 years in prison. The same defendant was sentenced to pay the maximum tax of justice, as well as restitution of the value. However, for this purpose, some of his goods will be confiscated. (Http://

In Mossurize district jail: Prison Guards charge money for visits to prisoners

The people of Mossurize, south of Manica, are outraged by prison guards who asked them for money when they want to visit prisoners at jail. Whoever wants to visit a family member or friend incarcerated in jail of Mossurize district must pay tip of 10 meticais for prison guards. This is a practice that is damaging to the families of detainees. (Http://

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