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CNE monitors progress of electoral registration

Members of the National Election Commission (CNE) are visiting all provinces of the country this week, to monitor the process of updating of the electoral census. The process began on 14th June and will finish on 29th July.
Noticias, 8th July 2009

STAE could face legal action

Three weeks into the period of the updating of the electoral census, RENAMO is threatened to take legal action against the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) over alleged irregularities in the process
Magazine, 8th July 2009

STAE responds to RENAMO

The Director-General of STAE, Felisberto Naife, said yesterday that the process of the updation of the electoral census is facing some constraints relating to the continual breakdown of machines.
He said that action is being taken to resolve the problem.
O País, 8th July 2009

Assembly of the Republic to resume plenary sessions on 13 th July
The Assembly of the Republic will resume plenary sessions on Monday 13th July in order to debate outstanding matters under its 10th Ordinary Session. These will include the proposal of RENAME for the Revision of the Electoral Package. The sessions will run until the 20th of July.
O País, , 8th July 2009

SADC Ministers debate water resources

Ministers of countries which share the Zambeze basin and from the wider SADC region will debate today and tomorrow in Maputo the degree of implementation of regional programmes carried out under the Revised Protocol on Shared Water Courses of the SADC Region. The meeting will also analyse the establishment process of ZANCOM, the implementation of the Strategy for Integrated Management of the Water Resources of the Zambeze Basin, as well as the ratification of the Zambeze Basin Agreement.
Noticias, 8th July 2009


Inhaminga Hospital operations unit not functioning
The non-functioning of the operations unit of the Inhaminga health centre in Sofala province is creating serious disruptions to the delivery of primary health care. Patients are being required to travel approximately 200km to Beira Central Hospital to be treated.
Noticias, 8th July 2009

Rehabilitation of Meculumba bridge in Memba begins

The bridge over the river Meculumba in the district of Memba, Nampula province, is being rehabilitated. The works will cost the Government and its partners 26 million Meticais, and are expected to be completed next year. The rehabilitation will improve communications in that area of the country, which during the wet season can become isolated.
Noticias, 8th July 2009

Navigation of the Buzi river will be improved

The Government of the district of Buzi in Sofala province recently began a programme of dredging of the Buzi river, with the objective of making it more navigable. It is also constructing dikes for coastal protection. Currently boats have great difficulties navigating certain points of the river because of the amount of sand in contains.
Noticias, 8th July 2009


Mandates of Judges of the Constitutional Council has expired. The mandates of six counselor judges of the Constitutional Council expired variously on the 3rd
November 2008 and the 21st of May this year. Replacements have not yet been identified, with the fault lying with the Assembly of the Republic. The President of the Republic and the Higher Judicial Council have complied with their responsibilities, naming the President of the Constitutional Council, Luis Mondlane, and the counselor judge José Norberto Carrilho. It is the responsibility of the Assembly of the Republic to name the remaining five counselor judges.
O Pais, 8th July 2009

Attorney General's Office investigates rice import customs fraud

The General Customs Directorate has accused OLAM Moçambique Limitada of having evaded
customs duties on the importing through the Port of Maputo of 9000 tonnes of rice in May. The company is accused of having only declared 1000 tonnes in its submitted documentation. Given that the company has denied the allegations the General Customs Directorate has referred the matter to the Office of the Attorney General.
Magazine Independente. 8 de Julho de 2009

Two foreign citizens arrested in Tete
The Police in Tete province yesterday arrested two foreign citizens. Accused of coordinating illegal immigration activities. The Provincial Commander-General of the Police, Joe Gimo said that the accused are Chimuemue Mboa, a Malawian, and Mitrane Givane, a Congolese.
Jornal da Manha, Rádio Moçambique, 8th July 2009

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