Friday, 17 July 2009


Renamo has problems in acquiring certificates
Renamo has said that its candidates for provincial elections are having difficulties in
obtaining the certificates of residence asked for by the National Electoral Commission
(CNE) for registration of candidacies. According to the Head of Electoral Affairs of
Renamo, Luis Gouveia, the administrative authorities are refusing to produce these
documents, alleging that they have not been authorized to do so by their superiors.
In relation to this, Renamo has accused Frelimo of conspiring to run alone in the 28th
October elections.
Noticias, 17th of July
Ministry of Defence debates its strategic plan for development
Senior Staff of the Ministry of Defence (MDN) began debating yesterday in Maputo, the
strategic plan for the institutional development of the sector for the period of 2010-2020.
The debate aims to define strategic objectives for the development of the sector of
defence, as well as defining a plan of action and the budget for this.
Noticias, 17th July 2009
The ever expanding Budget of Parliament
The Parliament will recruit 67 more people, among which there will be advisers, assistants
and IT officers, providing that the proposal for the Revision of the Organic Law, which was
passed in draft form last Monday, is approved definitively without amendments. The new
law will be implemented on the 1st of January, 2010, and will see the Parliament's annual
budget rise by more than 30,2 million Meticais.
Savana. 17th July, 2009.
Rivalries in the Armed Forces
Rivalry between the former and the current Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed
Forces, Lagos Lidimo and Paulino Macaringue, is said to be causing tension in the armed
forces. . In order to resolve the situation, President Armando Guebuza has decided to
meet with them as soon as possible, to call for a truce.
Savana. 17th July, 2009.
Luis Mondlane sworn-in as a member of the Council of State
President Armando Guebuza yesterday, swore-in, Luis Mondlane as a member of the
Council of State. As the President of the Constitutional Council, Mondlane is
automatically a member of the Council of State.
The Council of State is a political institution which advises the President in matters of
national interest, such as the dissolution of the Parliament, declaration of war, holding of
referendums, the declaration of a state of emergency, calling elections, and other issues
of high importance to the nation.
O Pais, 17th July 2009
Delay in availability of funds affects health programmes
According to the Minister of Health, Ivo Garrido, the delay in the availability of funds from
international cooperation partners is affecting the implementation of health programmes.
This situation has occurred each year since 2007. Garrido has said, that, this year, only
one partner released funds on time, and added that the Global Fund for Malaria, TB and
HIV/AIDS has also not yet released any funding this year.
Bom dia Moçambique – TVM. 17th July, 2009
Dondo will have an industrial area
An industrial area will be opened next year, in the municipality of Dondo, in Sofala
province. This project has been drawn up by the Government to promote food and
business enterprises. To this effect, the Municipality has made a concession of 100
Noticias. 17th July, 2009
Hydraulic company of Chokwe given permission to manage lands
The Hydraulic Company of Chockwe (HICEP), in Gaza province, has been given authority
to manage lands in Chokwe. To this effect, the Government has approved a document to
alter its statutes. According to the Government, the giving of this authority aims to assure
that the land is well managed for agriculture objectives in the district.
Verdade. 16th July, 2009 -
Guard of Millenium BIM killed in Dondo
Felisberto Domingos, a Guard of the Group 4 Securicur (G4S), employed in a branch of
Millennium BIM in Dondo, Sofala province, was killed yesterday, by unknown robbers,
when they attempted to steal money from an ATM. The Police has confirmed the facts and
said that they had still not obtained the details of the case.
Noticias, 17th July 2009
Delfina Dança and Constancio Nguja – Democracy, Governance and Corruption
Saite Junior – Economics and Development
Delfina Dança – Human Rights, Justice and Legal Affairs
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