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New African Energy - The Ripple Effect

29 May, 10.30 am - 2.00 pm, Brunei Suite, Brunei Gallery, SOAS

Africa is endowed with great energy resources from both hydrocarbon and renewable sources. These not only produce great opportunities for those directly involved in the production but offer wide ranging opportunities for other businesses. BCA West and Southern and the African Business Group at SOAS are delighted to host a joint meeting to highlight these new energy sources and explore their wider investment potential.

Fees apply. More information.

Mali at the crossroads

29 May, 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm, Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS

A panel discussion co-organised in association with the Mali Development Group. Speakers: Camilla Toulmin (Director, International Institute for Environment & Development), Wilfred Willey (President, Malian Community Council), and Paul Melly (Associate Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House). Chair: John Hedge (Secretary, Mali Development Group).

More information.

Please RSVP to all RAS events on RSVP@royalafricansociety.org

African Development Forum

29 May, 4.00 pm, Brunei Gallery, SOAS

The Forum aims to generate discussion around the recent growth rates seen in some African countries and the implications of these for broader development.

More information and registration.

TB Centre "Getting to Know You" Seminar Series

30 May, 12.45 pm - 13.45 pm, Room LG8, Keppel Street, LSHTM

The TB centre “Getting to know you” seminars are not conventional talks or lectures. Instead, two speakers are each asked to present for no more than 10 minutes, introducing their research by highlighting some aspect of their project(s). This provides the theme for a subsequent 10 minute interactive discussion with the participating audience.

This event features Greg Bancroft on Murine Models of TB, and Rein Houben on M.tb transmission and TB control in Malawi.

More information.

Centre for Maternal Reproductive and Child Health presents "Born Too Soon - The Global Action Report on Preterm Births"

30 May, 5.15 pm - 6.15 pm, John Snow Lecture Theatre A, Keppel Street, LSHTM

Preterm birth is on the rise in most countries, and is now the second leading cause of death globally for children under five, after pneumonia. This report shows that rapid change is possible and presents actions for policy, programs and research by all partners - from governments to NGOs to the business community -- that if acted upon, will substantially reduce the toll of preterm birth, especially in high-burden countries.

More information on the report.

More information on the event.

The Plight of Widows. Africa Women's Experience

30 May, 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm, Room B102, Brunei Gallery, SOAS

This book is a reflection of Dr Nwanne Onyemenem's research which was inspired by the sad experience of his widowed mother as well as those of other widows worldwide. The author hopes that the several organisations and agencies now speaking in Nigeria and the rest of Africa and the world are sustained long enough to create the change needed to help the widows and their families.

RSVP: cas@soas.ac.uk

More information.

Childhood severe malaria in holoendemic densely-populated urban west sub-Saharan Africa

31 May, 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm, Lucas (Room LG81), Keppel Street, LSHTM

Childhood severe malaria encompasses a group of overlapping clinical states due to pathophysiological processes occurring in the cardiovascular system. Due to their high mortality, the childhood malaria major clinical syndromes of interest are Severe Malaria Anaemia and Cerebral Malaria.

More information.

CISD 2012 Annual Lecture: 'Torture and Civilisation' with Helen Bamber

31 May, 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm, Brunei Lecture Theatre, SOAS

Ms Bamber has worked tirelessly in the human rights field for over 60 years helping thousands of survivors worldwide, starting in the former German concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen after WWII. She was an early member of Amnesty International and in 1985 established The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, where she was a guiding light until early 2005.

More information.



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