Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dear friends,

CEMO is organizing a public seminar on "Challenges for the Mozambican Economy in SADC region" and also on "how to use the land as a factor of economic development".

The first topic will be based on two international indexes, such as the Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage and Wall Street Journal) and the Index of Global Competitiveness (World Economic Forum.

The second topic will be based on the Index of Property Rights (Property Rights Alliance).

Lecturers, professionals, civil society organizations, members of government, public officials, journalists, parliamentarians, international AID agencies, will join us at VIP Hotel.

We will use this opportunity to launch the Index of Economic Freedom and the Index of Property Rights.

This is a unique opportunity to keep deepening the debate on economic freedom, regional integration and free markets.

Please, keep in touch!

* SADC is the regional bloc (Southern African Development Comunity), which comprises 15 countries of the Southern part of the continent, including Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, Botswana, Mauritius and other 10 countries. This comunity is in a process of regional integration, which started with the supression of visas requirements for travel and also some taxes for trade in between borders, but there are still many ambitious steps (challenges) in the SADC integration program, such as custom and monetary union (2018).

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