Sunday, 16 January 2011

Letter from Boris!

Dear Manuel,

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of LondonThe Evening Standard has today revealed that 2010 saw the lowest murder rate in London since 1978. These new figures from the Metropolitan Police also show a decrease in knife and race hate murders in the last year.

Boris Johnson's first priority as Mayor was to make the capital safer by tackling crime. The figures tell their own story - crime has fallen since Boris was elected:

* Crime has fallen by 5.8%
* Murders have fallen by an average of 25%
* 9,500 knives have been taken off the streets
* Youth crime has fallen by 11%
* Robberies have fallen by 19%

Boris Johnson has proved he is a Mayor who tackles the big issues, unlike his predecessor Ken Livingstone, who repeatedly blamed the media for rises in crime, famously saying, "If it bleeds, it leads."

Let's keep working together to make London an even safer, greater city.

Have a great weekend,
The Back Boris Team

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