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CEMO News Summary, November 05, 2010


Guebuza criticised violence and calls for more respect for women

President Armando Guebuza in Maputo yesterday criticised the violence against women. He urged all Mozambicans to respect and be more involved in social activities. Guebuza, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the second national conference on women and gender, said that cases of violence against women as they begin to be frequent and heinous acts are reprehensible. Guebuza says that women have an important role in the society, that is prevention and promotion of values, family education, and therefore of society as well as in the production of wealth and building an ever better for everyone. He also argued that there is no respect for human rights without women's rights. (Http://

Lula comes without Dilma

The president of Brazil, Lula da Silva is expected to visit next Monday in Maputo for a working visit of two days, but will not come with the newly elected successor Dilma Rousseff. According to information previously conveyed by the Mozambican media, citing Brazilian government sources. This information was provided yesterday by the country's ambassador, Antonio Sousa e Silva. (Noticias. November 5, 2010 -

PETROMOC denies allegations of Malawi

PETROMOC Managing Director Nuno de Oliveira denies new allegations by Malawi, about the fuel crisis that is taking place in that country, which Malawi claims it has to do with operational problems of the company. PETROMOC reiterates that has been providing fuel to Malawi through its facilities in Nacala in addition to complying fully and scrupulously with the supplies of the amounts requested by the neighbouring state. (Noticias. November 5, 2010 -


Mozambique in 126th position of the "Doing Business 2011": The country still needs improvements in trade facilitation

Mozambique was ranked 126th position in “Doing Business 2011”, a list that includes 183 countries worldwide. This is an improvement compared to last year as the country has moved four places higher. Thanks to improved business environment in the country, according to rankings published yesterday in Washington. The document discusses the regulations that are applied to businesses in an economy during its life cycle, including starting a business, trade, payment of taxes and closing a business. "Mozambique's position has improved four points, moving from 130th position to 126th in global rankings of 183 economies surveyed. Compared to the member countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Mozambique ranks eighth place, ahead of Tanzania (128), Malawi (133) Lesotho (138), Zimbabwe (157), Angola (163) and DRC (175). (Http://

Investment: British Ambassador calls on businessmen to Mozambique

The British High Commissioner in Maputo, Shaun Cleary, has encouraged British companies to invest in Mozambique in order to create jobs and support the communities in which they are embedded. Cleary expressed the desire during a working visit that he was in this week in Zambezia province, where he went to Marropino tantalum mines, located in Gilé district, which are licensed to a British company. Cleary noted that in recent years, there is a growing trend of British companies in Mozambique, among them BP, G4S, British American Tobacco and Rio Tinto, which have investments in agriculture, bio fuels, sugar production, tourism , mining, energy, among others. (Http://


Earthquake in Mozambique Island

Mozambique island was rocked by an earthquake at about 21:35 hours this Wednesday. Though it lasted only a few seconds, the phenomenon caused panic in the residents who were caught unaware. There is not yet information on the magnitude of the quake, but it did not cause damages. (Noticias. November 5, 2010 -

FRELIMO defends progress of "Operation Bypass" at Mozal

The contradiction about the date of the controversial "Bypass" is still not explained and the process is suspended.FRELIMO parliamentary group argued yesterday that MOZAL should advance the greenhouse gas emissions without filters. In a debate that was attended by the Prime Minister, Aires Ali and Minister for Coordination of Environmental Action, Alcinda Abreu, the positions were made clear in relation to greenhouse gas emissions without filters. The two opposition benches - RENAMO and MDM – do not support lifting the "Bypass", operation allegedly because the process will bring "serious problems" to public health in the cities of Matola, near MOZAL, and Maputo. FRELIMO argues that MOZAL can emit gas allegedly because the studies "have proven the lack of danger." But a noteworthy fact is that no member of FRELIMO's constituency by Matola intervened in the debate. (Http://


Thirty police officers arrested for corrupt practices

Thirty police officers of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) were arrested since January up until now. Their accused of being involvement in corruption, this was revealed yesterday by Pedro Cossa, Spokesperson for the General Command of Police, speaking on the day of court case. Cossa said that the agents in question have already been tried and convicted, and other are still awaiting the outcome of their cases. Among the illegal practices by these men of law and order are accused off are set extortion, hire or supply of firearms to criminals or association / collaboration with criminal gangs, illegal charges, among other crimes. (Noticias. November 5, 2010 -

Vessel seized with about 100 illegal immigrants

The Police at Republic of Mozambique (PRM) in the district of Palma, the north part of the province in Cabo Delgado, recently seized a boat, supposedly coming from Tanzania, with 102 people on board, of which 96 Somali and six crew members of Tanzanian nationality who allegedly tried to enter illegally in the Mozambican national territory. This information was provided by the provincial commander of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique, in Cabo Delgado, Vasco Lino, according to which 96 Somalis were stranded in Palma, while the six Tanzanians were transferred to the city of Pemba, where they are detained for inquiries. According to Vasco Lino, their criminal processes have already been forwarded to prosecutors, the entity that will carry out the subsequent processes. (O Pais. November 4, 2010)

Mozambique has risen seven places in the HDI

Mozambique seven seats higher on the Human Development Index (HDI) in 2010. The index was released yesterday across the world by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). With this development, the country has moved from position 172, which held in 2009 to position 165 in the 2010 report. However Mozambique remains classified in the group of nations taken as Low Human Development. As for development it highlights the evolution in terms of life expectancy at birth, the average years of schooling, as well as in gross national income per capita. The HDI puts Norway at the top of the standings, followed by Australia, New Zealand and the United States, countries classified as very high development index. In last place is Zimbabwe. Remember that the HDI was first published in 1990. (O Pais. November 5, 2010)

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