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In Qatar: Mozambique wants to add value to gas

President Armando Guebuza, who yesterday began an official two day visit to Qatar at the invitation of Emir Bin Al-Thani. He said that Mozambique intends to learn from the experience Qatar particularly the operation of natural gas, so that more citizens can benefit from this national resource. Speaking at a meeting with the Mozambican community in Doha and later with national entrepreneurs and Qatari’s, the Head of State also indicated that the aim of Government is to attract the interest of local economic and financial operators in areas such as reconstruction and building of infrastructure, agriculture, particular focus on the area of seeds, as well as in tourism, training and tables and water. (Noticias. November 8, 2010 -

Across the country: MAE identifies 10 new districts

More than 10 new districts have been identified in the country. The Ministry of State Administration (MAE) has already proposed 10 new districts administrative division with the aim of bringing more and more basic services to the citizens. According to the minister's portfolio Carmelita Namashulua, who spoke to reporters at the end of the sixteenth Coordinating Council which was held in Dondo at Sofala Province ,In addition to 10 new districts which were identified by the new administrative posts that will be created in the country. Namashulue said that her staff is refining the proposals with the respective arguments, the parameters within which this will occur, as well as other related procedures. (Noticias. November 8, 2010 -

Navigability of the rivers Zambezi and Shire: Mozambique warns Malawi

The Minister of Defence, Filipe Nyusi has warned Malawi government not return and navigate Zambezi and Shire rivers without permission. The warning came during a meeting of Defence and Security between the two countries, which ended late on Friday in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. The warning comes after Malawi decided unilaterally to test the navigability of these rivers, without feasibility study for this purpose. Remember that, on 22 October, two Malawian boats were seized in Marromeu (Sofala province) sailing to the river port of Nsanje. (Http://

City of Tete creates Police

The Tete Municipal Council has just created a police unit, this in compliance with the provisions of the Code of Local Government postures. The police force will serve as an instrument of power in conjunction with the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) and other bodies of Defence and Security.This was created to ensure order, peace and security in this municipality. Cesar de Carvalho, Mayor of Tete said the city requires the presence of the Municipal Police to respond to citizens' needs, as well as the free movement of its goods. (Noticias. November 8, 2010 -


There is excessive cutting wood in the Country

There is excessive exploitation of wood particularly in species such as the Mondzo, Messassa, Jambire and Chanfuta. They constitute 58 percent of runoff volume, which already exceeds 100 percent of the annual number of wood to be cut. These species are threat and it may be difficult to sustain them in the future. An audit carried out by agricultural sector suggests that the pressure is even greater if we consider the exploration for energy purposes. The allowable annual cut (AAC) expresses the capacity of a forest which can be extracted without harm to its repayment capacity. (Http://

Riversdale Mining to match the schedule of coal projects in Mozambique

The Australian mining company Riversdale Mining has assured the government , that the timetable for projects to exploit coal in Benga and Zambezi in Tete province will be fulfilled. Benga mineral extraction should occur within months, and exports through the port of Beira, will be held late next year. The previous schedule was suppose to the start in 2011, but in order to respond to the demand for coal in international market, the owners of the project found themselves fast track the program. In the report of activities referring to 2010, Riversdale believes that its two projects in Mozambique have throughout this year been a decisive step towards its realization, promising new developments soon. (Http://

African countries unite to face the challenge of expanding supply of electricity

Ministers, experts and investors from across Africa met for the first time to discuss alternative energy generation and distribution on the continent. The five days meeting, was held through lectures and seminars. On the agenda for ministers was a continental policy such as the implementing of the Petroleum Fund. In addition discussions on studies relating to alternative energy production (especially solar), was among other initiatives. Participants are to prepare and create a unique mechanism of monitoring and communication between countries. Companies have space to do business and disseminate experiences and strategies to increase access to electric light in an environment of climate change. In addition to the Mozambican government, the event was supported by the African Development Bank, the Economic Commission for Africa of the United Nations and the African Union. (Http://


Atmospheric phenomena devastate 230 000 hectares

At least 230 000 hectares of diverse food crops will be destroyed in the 2010/2011 season as a result of the expected drought, floods and cyclones in the country. According to the prognosis advanced in this direction by the Technical Committee of the Contingency Plan for that effect. Indeed, it is expected that a total of 138,597 hectares will be destroyed by drought, 38,612 hectares by floods and 52,643 hectares by cyclones. In a recent projection made by the National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC) to the Members of the Council of Ministers, a thorough analysis of the pattern of precipitation recorded in the 2009-2010 rainy season associated with current and historical data to forecast seasonal prevailing climate were made. (Noticias. November 8, 2010 -


Killer of the Director of the Order dies in Maputo

Self confessed killer Samuel Januario Nhare,this is the man who killed Director of Order in Maputo also known as Samito ,died yesterday at dawn. Samito had been tried and sentenced to imprisonment. He lost his life in Prison in the Capital city, where he was being held since he was sentenced. However, without specifying the nature of the disease, the authorized officers said that Samito has been sick for a long time. According to the same sources, the Police have requested an autopsy to the Office of Legal Medicine, in order to clarify his death, and the results will be known later this week. (Noticias. November 8, 2010 -

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