Thursday, 28 October 2010

Letter from Boris' team

Dear Manuel,

As you may have seen already, Boris Johnson's ability to stand up for London and deliver the capital's major infrastructure projects was praised last week in this editorial by the Evening Standard.

The newspaper's editorial said that "London has done better than many expected" in the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review, and that this was "a genuine achievement" by the Mayor.

By working with the Government, and demonstrating to them the economic importance of major improvements to the transport network, Boris has delivered for London.

He has ensured that:

There will be 40 per cent extra capacity in our rail network, adding £78 billion in benefits to the economy, through the upgrades to the Underground and Crossrail.
Crossrail alone will deliver 14,000 jobs when building is at its peak
The bus network has also been protected - something vital to many living in outer London - and will continue to become more reliable and accessible.
London's businesses are also pleased with how the Mayor fought London's corner in the spending round:

The London Chamber of Commerce said that "Building Crossrail and completing the Tube upgrades will boost the capital's economy and keep London moving in the face of a rapidly growing population."
And business group London First commented: "continued investment in Crossrail and the Tube is a positive and welcome response from Government to the well evidenced view of London business, that infrastructure investment is vital to growth."
Click here to download a leaflet to give to friends and neighbours, showing just how much Boris has won for London.

And if you would like to receive more information about how the Mayor is delivering for our nation's capital then please go to and register your support. You can also volunteer or donate to his re-election campaign.

Thank you,

The Back Boris team

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