Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Letter from Michael

Dear Friend,
Today I'm inviting you to the exciting premiere of a new channel. It's called Obama's Chicago Network, and is the best place on the web for viewers to learn more about President Obama's Chicago-style politics. On Obama's Chicago Network, shady backroom deals, and strong-arm tactics are the name of the game.

This summer's lineup includes a gritty drama chronicling the White House's conflicting stories about a job offer to Rep. Joe Sestak, entitled "Job or No Job." If you like that, you'll love "The Colorado Hills," which examines a similar offer made to Andrew Romanoff. You can also watch Press Secretary Robert Gibbs perform the Potomac Two-Step around transparency questions in "Dancing with the Law," and get a peek of authentic Chicago-style politics in action in "I'm a Politician Get Me Out of Here!" starring indicted former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

It makes for compelling TV. Unfortunately, it's not TV, it's reality.

What Obama and his Chicago team are doing to this country is no joke. The President is ignoring the two biggest crises that America faces. Unemployment is at nearly 10 percent. Millions of gallons of oil are spilling in the Gulf. Americans are asking how these problems will be solved. Meanwhile, President Obama is searching for answers on the golf course.

To learn more, visit Obama's Chicago Network and enjoy our regularly scheduled programming. If you're moved, don't hesitate to make a contribution to help keep the Network going and air President Obama's dirty dealings all season long.


Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee

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