Monday, 17 May 2010

Jacinto Veloso em Minerais no Chibuto

1285 05/15/2010

Retired general in mines

Retired general and Frelimo dignitary, Jacinto Soares Veloso, who long ago moved into business, has just created a new mining company.

The team that founded Companhia Mineira do Chibuto in Maputo at the beginning of April is substantially the same as the one that for some years has been at the head of the Companhia Mineira de Naburi, a company that at the end of 2009 was attributed a permit to search for titanium. It includes the former minister and retired General Jacinto Soares Veloso alongside a member of his family, Miriam Gaivao Veloso, who is also a shareholder in the import-export companies Distribuidora da Zambezia and Cruzeiro do Sul. The other partners in Companhia Mineira do Chibuto are: Diogo José Henriques Cavaco, Mario Diniz Fernandes Deus (one of the founders of the geology consulting company Gondwana Empreendimentos e Consultores Lda) and Urgel Morais Barreira. Chibuto is a region in the south of the country where BHP Billiton is already looking at exploring mineralised sands.

Jacinto Veloso already participates in several other mining companies centred on precious stones, such as Metais e Pedras Preciosas de Moçambique (Metalmoz Lda), founded in 2007, via his firm J. V. Consultores Internacionais. Metalmoz subsequently participated in the creation of Minas Rio Bravo Lda, a mining company headquartered in Tete.

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