Saturday, 10 April 2010

Novidades do Indian Ocean Newsletter: Gamito e Jafar na construcao

N° 1283 04/10/2010

Hermenegildo Gamito in construction

The former Frelimo MP, who is already present in several sectors of activity, has just formed a partnership with two Portuguese contruction companies in Maputo.

A new construction company has just been born in Maputo called Moçambique Construtora Lda at the initiative of two Portuguese firms: Sociedade de Construçoes Sandilor represented by Felix Manuel Rodrigues Lopes and OMEP (Obras, Mediçoes e Projectos) represented by Carlos Alberto Nunes Inacio. The new company has three local partners, including a Mozambican businessman known for being part of the top echelons of Frelimo (governing party), Hermenegildo Gamito, who is already the chairman of several other companies inlcuding Vodacom Mozambique and First National Bank (FNB) Mozambique. Another shareholder in Mocambique Constructora, Lucas Fazine Chachine, is in partnership with Gamito in several other business ventures. He is also a shareholder in Vodacom Mozambique and the head of the graphics and hotel industry company Cegraf.

Rather more unusually, the third Mozambican shareholder in this new construction company is from a different political stream. He is, to be sure, Jafar Gulamo Jafar, now a lawyer and former Renamo (opposition) MP and has even been an advisor to his party’s President Afonso Dhlakama, over a decade ago, before going into business (ION 1190).

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