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Shifting Superpowers

January 27, 2010

The New and Emerging Relationship between the United States, China, and India

By Martin Sieff

"Sieff's discussion of the complex relationship between India and China is particularly first-rate, and his pragmatic approach to U.S. relations with both countries is simply superb."

To truly grasp the massive, world-realigning impact of globalization and changing balances of power-in every positive, negative, and eye-opening respect-look no further than China and India, as revealed in this insightful and authoritative new book, Shifting Superpowers.

"Americans must wake up to the reality that they will have to deal with China and India as equals," writes acclaimed journalist and author Martin Sieff. "Both need to be respected and understood on their own vast and complex terms." But, observes Sieff, "the history of U.S. engagement with both nations is replete with examples of excessive hostility and demonizing on the one hand, and naive, uncritical romanticism on the other."

From national security, trade, human rights, relations with Russia, financial investment, and energy resources, to North Korea, military build-ups, Taiwan, and global warming, Sieff digs deeply into this new world. The picture he provides of this shifting and emerging landscape is as compelling as it is intimidating. It is a world in which China and India are rapidly and successfully pursuing their own interests as superpowers; a world in which the presumption that America is the dominant superpower is foolhardy and dangerous, diminishing rather than protecting prospects for the future; and a world in which China is not automatically America's enemy while India is not consistently America's ally.

Shifting Superpowers also examines the consequences of U.S. misconceptions about China and India. It provides finely honed analyses of their deeply evolving relationship, their historical and current dealings and conflicts, and their increasingly convergent goals for the future-ones that could leave the United States fading into the background.

Shrewd and innovative, Shifting Superpowers charts a solidly realistic trajectory for achieving, as Sieff states, "a prosperous, confident, free-trading 21st-century America, buttressed by wise and lasting strategic relationships."

"Well-researched and clearly argued, Shifting Superpowers is a great read. With a wide-ranging knowledge of the subject, Sieff pulls together wonderful historical bits and pieces to give us critically needed perspective on the challenging global trends that frame our lives."—STEFAN HALPER, Cambridge University

About the author

MARTIN SIEFF was previously chief news analyst for United Press International and has received three Pulitzer Prize nominations. He has appeared as an international affairs expert on CNN, NPR, Fox News, and the BBC.

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