Tuesday, 8 December 2009

WorldFish to participate in COP15

The WorldFish Center, a member of the CGIAR, will participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen, Denmark, this month. As part of the Partnership on Climate, Fisheries and Aquaculture (PaCFA), WorldFish has climate change at the heart of much of its work.

In particular, the Center focuses on:

· Highlighting the vulnerability of fishing-dependent people to climate change and extreme climate events, including recent research that identified the most vulnerable countries.

· Identifying options for adaptation in fisheries and aquaculture.

· Assessing opportunities for mitigation in aquatic production systems and aquatic environments, including recent AUSAID-funded work on the potential inclusion of mangroves in REDD+ being piloted in the Solomon Islands.

WorldFish Participants at COP15

· Dr. Stephen J. Hall, WorldFish Director General, will be a panellist during the CGIAR Agricultural & Rural Development Day (ARDD) on 12 December. At the same event, Dr. Edward Allison, Discipline Director - Policy, Economics & Social Science, will lead a Marketplace session on behalf of PaCFA entitled “Food from troubled waters: adapting fisheries and aquaculture to climate change”.

· Dr Allison will also be one of two panellists discussing “Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture” during Oceans Day on 14 December and an invited speakers at the ICTSD and Commonwealth Secretariat side event “Climate Change and Development Cooperation: LDCs, SIDS and SVEs” on 11 December.

· In addition, both Dr Allison and Dr. Marie-Caroline Badjeck, Post-Doctoral Fellow - Policy, Economics & Social Science, will attend the “Forum on Fisheries, Fishers Rights & Climate Change” organized by Tambuyog Development Center, a Philippine-based NGO.

For further information about these events, please contact Dr. Helen Leitch (H.LEITCH@CGIAR.ORG), Director, Business Development & Communications Division, The WorldFish Center.

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