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Mozambique and Malawi maintain good relations despite Ngauma incident

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Oldemiro Baloi, has said, in reaction to the questions of journalists on the events that occurred during the visit of the Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika, that the relations between Mozambique and Malawi are very good. He added that the incident that occurred in the common borders of Ngauma, in Niassa must not be used to create tension between the nations.

Noticias, 14th of August 2009,

Director of Tete dismissed for mismanagement

The Director of the Department of Finance in Tete, Jose Joao, was dismissed for mismanagement of public finance, and poor management of State property, among other issues. The information was given yesterday by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Paulo Bernardo Manhique, during his meeting with the officers of that Department in Tete. The Department will be temporarily managed by the Deputy Directors, Ana Dimitri and Mariano Miguel until a new Director is appointed.

Noticias, 14th of August 2009,

MDM in collision with the Secretary of Coca Missava, in Xai Xai

The Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM) while in the Gaza province, have accused the authorities in the Coca Missava, an area in the outskirts of Xai-Xai of disabling its political activities. The accusation was made by Damiao Mandhlaze and Judite Sitoe, both members of MDM. They said that a group of more than 10 people from the area’s Secretariat invaded their office on Tuesday, and asked them to withdraw the flag of MDM that was hoisted.

Noticias, 14th of August 2009


SASOL invests US$7m in social infrastructure

The South African petrochemical company, SASOL, has invested, aproximately US$7m into the construction of social infrastructure within the frame of corporate social responsibility, during the five years of implementation of a project of natural gas from Pande and Temane in the province of Inhambane , southern Mozambique.
The infrastructures, which include the areas of education, health, agriculture, water supplies, among others, were implemented in 10 districts of the Provinces of Inhambane, Gaza and Maputo in the southern region of the country.

Radio Mozambique , 13th of August 2009

Government and petrol companies suspend negotiations

Negotiations between the Government and the Mozambican Petrol Companies about the compensation for the losses incurred by the companies due to the increase in oil prices in the international market has been interrupted and no dates have been made for return of them.
This information was revealed by the Minister of Energy, Salvador Namburete, on Tuesday. The Minister has said that petrol companies requested time to consult with their headquarters and then submit their final position to the Government.
Namburete explained that an agreement was negotiated between the Government and the two petrol companies which was signed only by the consortium Petróleos de Moçambique (PETROMOC) and South African company SASOL (SASOL-PETROMOC). The other companies have asked to talk with their headquarters before signing.

Canal de Mozambique, 14th of August 2009


Human Rights Associations denounce the actions of the Police in the Refugee Camp of Maratane

The Forum of Human Rights Associations (FADH) has written a letter, from the Maratane Refugee Camp, Nampula Province, to the Police Department in Nampula, in which it denounces the abusive behaviour of the Police Chief of the force stationed at the Refugee Camp, Muriricho Chicope. In the letter the asylum seekers have said they are victims of beatings, torture and xenophobia, from some Mozambicans, who are encouraged by the Chief of the Police.

Noticias, 14th of August 2009

Court of Anoche condemns Commander and Police Officer of Mogincual

The Court of Angoche condemned both the Commander of Police and a Police Officer of Mogicual, on Wednesday to one year in prison and a fine. They were accused of manslaughter, due to the death by suffocation of 12 prisoners in Mogincual jail, in March of this year.

Televisão de Mocambique, 14th of August 2009

Theft in the Manica’s Department of Education

Two civil servants, J. da Costa, Head of the Department of Administration and Ivone dos Muchangos, Head of Human Resources from the Department of Education and Culture in Manica were dismissed and accused of being involved in the theft of funds to the value of more than 1 million Meticais. This information was given by the Governor of that Province, Mauricio Vieira, in a press conference.

Canal de Moçambique, 14th of August 2009

Plan for fight against crime will be settled in November

The Plan for the fight against crime in the country will be settled by November, according to guarantees made yesterday at the end of a seminar on the issue, held in the city of Maputo. According to the Director of Technical Unity for Legal Reform (UTREL), Abdul Carimo, the plan aims to prevent and combat the waves of crime. Noticias, 14th of August 2009


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