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Today, 13.7.09 the First All Stakeholders Constitutional Conference (1^st ASHCC) was due to take place from 13 -14 July 2009 in Harare. This follows the successful conclusion last week of the 2009 Peoples Constitutional Convention at which representatives of civil society organisations met in Harare from 3-4.7.09 and issued a declaration of their principles, demands, issues and action points as included in our mailing on Friday. We attach that again here for reference.

The Constitution Watch, issued by Veritas yesterday, 12.7.09 contains details of the accreditation process for registration at the 1^st ASHCC meeting which was to have begun from 8.00 hours yesterday, Sunday 12.7.09. It also contains the draft programme which indicates that the proceedings were due to start at 9.00 this morning.

Members of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum present at the event report that the registration process was chaotic with only a few delegates having registered by 18.00 hours yesterday, Sunday 12.7.09. The registration process went on until 13.00 hours this morning when finally the registration requirements were relaxed and anyone was let in. Our colleagues inform us that the venue was full but the entire process was severly delayed. By noon today proceedings finally kicked off with a welcoming speech made by the Speaker of Parliament. However, we are informed that his speech was severly disrupted in what appeared to be a well co-ordinated disruption by chanting and singing ZANU PF youths who drowned out the welcoming speech. Thereafter a number of delegates left and the conference petered out in apparently chaotic scenes.

Yesterday, our member organisation, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) made public a copy of the letter they sent to the Co-Chairpersons of the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution. The attached letter raises a number of concerns relating to the 1^st ASHCC including the invitation process and the lack of consultation around the proposed programme. ZLHR states it's intention to attend under protest. It notes that it is their considered opinion that the Chairpersons of the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Consitution have failed to meet their obligations under the Inter Party Agreement and the Constituion of Zimbabwe as well as the principles enshrined in the Zimbabwe Peoples' Charter and the SADC Guidelines on Constitution-Making and Constitutional Reform.

Last week, the Commonwealth organisations held a roundtable meeting on Zimbabwe in Johannesburg. The final declaration from that meeting, which was issued on the Thursday, 9.7.09. is attached here.

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