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Ha cerca de mes e meio perguntavamos neste blog, num artigo com o titulo 'Conseguira Kofi o golo do desempate?', se Koffi Annan e a sua equipe composta pela mocambicana Graca Machel e pelo ex-presidente Tanzaniano, Benjamim Nkapa, conseguiriam desempatar a partida no Quenia. Depois de dias de incerteza, Koffi conseguiu finalmente marcar o golaco do empate, com a aceitacao por ambas as partes da formacao de um governo de unidade nacional, com um primeiro-ministro. E os Quenianos, maioritariamente os apoiantes de Odinga sairam a rua para celebrar a ascencao do seu lider a cimeira posicao de Primeiro Ministro, um posto nao previsto na Constituicao da Republica, que obrigar uma revisao pontual da constituicao.
De acordo com observadores locais, as duas partes concordaram na formacao de um governo de coligacao, onde cada parte teria igual numero de ministros e seriam nomeados dois vice- primeiro ministros, um de cada parte da coligacao. O Primeiro Ministro podera apenas ser emitido pelo Parlamento Queniano.

Que licoes desta odisseia?

Varias licoes podem ser tiradas desta experiencia de acordo com as escolas de pensamento e a experiencia de cada um. A meu ver as seguintes sao as 10 ilacoes mais importantes:
1-Que de facto tem havido fraudes em Africa;
2-Que com a ajuda da comunidade internacional e possivel reverter parcialmente a injustica;
3-Que a violencia ou ameaca de violencia jogam um papel importante na resolucao de disputas pos eleitorais;
4-Que a etnicidade e um elemento funamental na politica africana;
5-Que os EUA sao capazes de mudar de posicao, quando confrontados com a realidade;
6-Que a divisao de poder e uma formula alternativa ao modelo 'winner gets all' em Africa;
7-Que Koffi Annan e mais influente que a Uniao Africana;
8-Que a sociedade civil joga um papel importante na gestao de conflitos;
9-Graca Machel junta-se a Joaquim Chissano, como mediadora de craveira internacional;
10-Quando a oposicao esta organizada e usa com inteligencia 'sticks and carrots' consegue reverter o resultado de fraudes eleitorais;

Parabens Koffi, Parabens Graca Machel, Parabens Mkapa, Parabens Quenia!

Um abraco,

Manuel de Araujo

Odinga pledges to rebuild Kenya

The power-sharing deal was greeted with jubilation in Kenya
Prime minister-designate Raila Odinga has told the BBC his priority will be to rebuild Kenya after a deal to end the two-month political crisis.
He pledged to help those who had been displaced, lost their property or lost their jobs during the violence in which some 1,500 people died.

Many Kenyans have been celebrating the power-sharing deal between Mr Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki.

But some of those displaced question whether ethnic hatreds can be healed.

There has be to be trust and confidence developed on both sides

ODM's Raila Odinga

Holding fire on celebrations
Press hails deal

"It's become a habit of saying 'peace, peace, peace' every now and then and after peace we see flames of fire," a woman living in a displacement camp in the western town of Eldoret told the BBC.

But in nearby Kisumu, Mr Odinga's home town, thousands of dancing and cheering people poured onto the streets to celebrate the deal brokered by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Mr Odinga also pledged to reconcile Kenyans, after the violence took on an ethnic dimension, forcing some 600,000 from their homes.

Many businesses were destroyed during the violence

"You have seen the ugly face of ethnic confrontation in our country. I feel confident that the experience we have gone through has been a teacher and everyone is going to ensure that this coalition does succeed," he told the BBC's Today programme.

Negotiations between the government and opposition, which lasted more than a month, stalling several times, are to resume on Friday morning to discuss long-term reform of land ownership, the economy and the constitution.

'Historical injustices'

Mr Odinga said the agreement was "just a piece of paper" - the most important thing was the will behind it.

New two-party coalition government to be set up
Cabinet posts to be divided equally between parties
Raila Odinga to take new post of prime minister, can only be dismissed by National Assembly
Two new deputy PMs to be appointed, one from each member of coalition

Deal offers fresh hope
Reaction in quotes

"It means we recognise Mr Kibaki as president and he recognises that there were some flaws in the elections," he told the BBC.

And, he said, the coalition had a lot of work to do - constitutional and legal reforms as well as land reforms to address "historical injustices".

"There has be to be trust and confidence developed on both sides. It is important for us to forge a firm foundation for a united country," he said.

He hoped for a new constitution within a year and fresh elections within two as Mr Annan had given the coalition a maximum life of two years, after which it should be reviewed.


The new coalition will be headed by President Kibaki, with Mr Odinga - whose Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is the largest in parliament - set to take the newly created post of prime minister.

Each party will nominate a deputy prime minister, with other ministerial portfolios being divided equally between the two parties.

HAVE YOUR SAY After 8 weeks of uncertainty in the political atmosphere as well as peace, there is somehow a glimpse of hope and light to the beautiful land of Kenya.
Edward, Nairobi
Send us your commentsCorrespondents say both parties are now likely to begin wrangling over who gets what position in the new government, with the post of finance minister likely to prove the most contentious.

After the deal was reached, Mr Annan said: "Compromise was necessary for the survival of this country."

He urged all Kenyans to support the agreement, saying: "The job of national reconciliation and national reconstruction is not for the leaders alone. It must be carried out in every neighbourhood, village, hamlet of the nation."

Speaking after the signing, Mr Kibaki said: "This process has reminded us that as a nation there are more issues that unite than that divide us.

"We've been reminded we must do all in our power to safeguard the peace that is the foundation of our national unity... Kenya has room for all of us."

Both men thanked those who had stood by Kenya in what Mr Odinga called its "hour of need", including Mr Annan, the African Union, the European Union, the United States and the UN.

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